The weather is cooling down and my skin started to dry. Typically I have  dry to combination skin that changes throughout the year. In the summer I tend to be a touch oily through my T-zone and in the winter, my face, also body tends to get really dry.  My dry skin absolutely loves moisture, such weather. I don’t like heavy creams and lotions on my face, but I do like a lot of moisture, so I’ve taken to layering Boroline on the face and then apply my  daily moisturizer. It’s seemed to work very well! 

I have been using Boroline since my childhood. Boroline is an antiseptic ayurvedic luxuriantly rich cream that could repair your dry and rough skin overnight. This drug store product can save you from buying tons of different products. Boroline changed its packaging. However, its effect has been the same from the beginning. Boroline will change your life. Especially during winter months. Although there are probably different uses for it, I’ve listed my favorite ones below:

Source: Winter Beauty Hacks with Boroline

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