Assure Moisture Rich Shampoo Enriched with Green Tea Extract

We are almost at the end of this calendar year. The countdown for 2017 has already been started. I am sure that you must be preparing the list of plans for the New Year or New Year’s resolutions. I have some plans for the New Year but, to be honest, I’ve never been too bothered to make New Year’s resolutions. However, from the upcoming New Year, I would like to write and share my experience of motherhood. I mean to say that I would like to introduce a new segment on my blog or start a separate blog (yet to be decided) for baby stuff, mom stuff and I don’t know what else. So far that’s my plan. Now coming to the point, today I am going to review Assure Moisture Rich Shampoo which is enriched with Green Tea Extract. This shampoo is used for dry and damaged hair. Continue reading “Assure Moisture Rich Shampoo Enriched with Green Tea Extract”

Review // Assure Purifying cleanser Toner

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For an effective skin care routine Cleansing and Toning are the most important steps. But sometimes I have skipped one of the steps. The product, for which I am doing the review today, attracted me because – Cleanser and Toner come with a unique purifying formula in a single bottle. At a time cleansing and toning works together, what could be better than that? It saves the time for us. Continue reading “Review // Assure Purifying cleanser Toner”