DIY : Hair Mask For Dry/ Frizzy Hair

I was very popular (still I’m) in my family and to my very close friends for my DIY hair and face masks. I have an obsession with DIY beauty products. Whenever I get time, I just go for to make new DIY hair mask or face pack. In today’s post, I am going to share with you some of my favorite hair masks recipes that help you to maintain healthy looking hair during the summer. 

My absolute favorite hair mask ingredients are honey, banana, curd, olive and/or coconut oil, eggs, and lemon. Any combination of these ingredients will give you what you are looking for. Continue reading “DIY : Hair Mask For Dry/ Frizzy Hair”


9 Beauty Products that I keep in the Fridge

Just after marriage, when my husband saw that I stored my cosmetics in the refrigerator, he laughed at me. He has never seen that anyone keep cosmetics in the refrigerator. Honestly, in my fridge, there is no free space. I just use it not only for storing vegetables, fruits, and drink but also use to preserve the quality of some kinds of cosmetics or beauty products.  Continue reading “9 Beauty Products that I keep in the Fridge”

Winter Beauty Hacks with Boroline

The weather is cooling down and my skin started to dry. Typically I have  dry to combination skin that changes throughout the year. In the summer I tend to be a touch oily through my T-zone and in the winter, my face, also body tends to get really dry.  My dry skin absolutely loves moisture, such weather. I don’t like heavy creams and lotions on my face, but I do like a lot of moisture, so I’ve taken to layering Boroline on the face and then apply my  daily moisturizer. It’s seemed to work very well! 

I have been using Boroline since my childhood. Boroline is an antiseptic ayurvedic luxuriantly rich cream that could repair your dry and rough skin overnight. This drug store product can save you from buying tons of different products. Boroline changed its packaging. However, its effect has been the same from the beginning. Boroline will change your life. Especially during winter months. Although there are probably different uses for it, I’ve listed my favorite ones below: Continue reading “Winter Beauty Hacks with Boroline”

Homemade Hair Mask for Frizzy Hair

I’m not that sort of woman who spend lots of money for ready-mate hair mask because I know I can achieve the same results using the things which are already there in my kitchen or in my collection. And my own created hair masks work for me without any side effect. 

Today I am going to share with you one of my favorite hair mask which really works on my frizzy and dry hair.

 So, let’s start the recipe!

Continue reading “Homemade Hair Mask for Frizzy Hair”

DIY Hair Mask for Dry and Damage Hair

It has been a long time I have not made any hair mask. Last weekend my cousin sister came to my home and we both decided to make a hair mask. But what kind of ingredients we should use that was not pre-decided. We just mixed those ingredients which were available in kitchen and that was all affordable, natural and effective. So I don’t have any pictures of those ingredients and steps what we followed.

So let’s get started Continue reading “DIY Hair Mask for Dry and Damage Hair”

Feed Your Skin // Fruits for Glowing Skin

Girls have a major interest in researching what is best for their skin and I am also not exceptional. We are always looking for the products which can gives glow on our skin or face. Over the past few months I have been taking a couple of different steps to improve my skin and one of them is eating as much fruit as I can (atleast trying to eat one daily). Simple lifestyle changes like including fruit in your daily diet can really gives you back that glow. I love to eat fruits only for the sake of my skin and hair.  Fruits such as mango, papaya, strawberries, watermelon, oranges all have such a high antioxidants, which are great for our skin. Fruits help with natural hydration, clear complexion; skin rejuvenation and overall improves skin texture making it appear youthful and glowing. There are a variety of fresh and dried fruits available at most grocery stores, find your perfect match by trying different flavors.  So here are my top eight to give you back that glow.  Continue reading “Feed Your Skin // Fruits for Glowing Skin”

My Beauty Drink || Green Tea

In the morning after getting freshened I always steep myself towards the kitchen to grab a glass of warm water and have a cup of green tea as a wake-up-call. It’s one sort of a ritual for me and I can say that I do this without any fail every single morning. I take minimum of three mugs of green tea a day. What I love about green tea is that it is very healthy and beauty beneficial. Here are three main reasons why I go for green tea. Continue reading “My Beauty Drink || Green Tea”

Natural Way to Straighten Hair at Home

Finally, I am able to solve the problem of my frizzy hair. I always wishes that my hair should looks little straight and shiny, without using any chemical. I tried every alternative month a new mask to straight my hair, but after 2 or 3 days it remain same.  It looks to me that the natural ingredients are not going to work. Then I decide to make a hair mask with all those natural ingredients which can help to straighten hair. 

So, get ready to have shiny, healthy and straight hair at home without using any chemical and spending a huge amount of money from your pocket. Those who love to pamper their hair naturally like me; they will definitely prefer this natural hair straitening method.  Continue reading “Natural Way to Straighten Hair at Home”