Review // Pure and Sure Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

I am a big fan of organic products mainly oils. In my collection, I tried to keep different types of organic products like creams, shampoos, conditioners, hair and skin oils and essential oils. A few months ago, I bought Pure and Sure Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil from an online site. That was my first ever cold pressed oil. This coconut oil is pure, unrefined, and cold pressed.  Nowadays we are very familiar with these words pure, unrefined and cold pressed or extra. There was a time when coconut oil means that was easily available in the market and also in everyone’s house. But now, different types of coconut oils are available in the market. As for instance, virgin coconut oil, which derived from the oil from, dried coconut. It is a most natural state. Organic coconut oil means that it wasn’t grown around pesticides or chemicals. And cold pressed coconut oil means that the oil has been extracted in a controlled way that allows it to keep most of the oil’s flavor and nutritional value. 

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Review // Olemessa Massage Oil

Today I am reviewing a massage oil, which is very effective for your baby’s skin and also an effective option for adults. Since a year I have been using this massage oil.

Detail Product Information:

Name: Olemessa Massage Oil

Price:  Rs. 170/-

Quantity: 200 ml

Shelf life: 2 years from the date of manufacturing

Product Claims:

Regular massage helps in development and mobility. people of all ages benefit from massage babies get a feeling of comfort and usually fall asleep during the massage. Parents and grandparents enjoy massage equally and lead a fitter and better life.

  • No perfume added.
  • Free from mineral Oil.

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Himalaya Anti-Stress Massage Oil Review

I am always in hunt for such products that has got less chemicals and more natural herbs. I think Himalaya Herbals one of the product who claim that they are 100% herbal formulations thus completely free from harsh chemicals and skin friendly. Almost a year ago I bought Himalaya Anti-stress Massage Oil from their Himalaya store.Today; I will review Himalaya Anti-stress Massage Oil which is one of the very soothing, herbal massage oils available in the market. Now, let’s move to its review. Continue reading “Himalaya Anti-Stress Massage Oil Review”

My Favorite Oils

I tend to always have dry skin in winter, and so slathering on lotions and chemicals doesn’t really make sense for me. Instead, I prefer oils. There are a few oils that I love and wanted to share with you as well.

These oils work great as skin moisturizers, eye makeup removers, and even as a hair moisturizer/serum. These are my personal favorites, are easy to find, and cheap.

I also like to make my own mixture of them, using mostly coconut oil, a little olive oil, and a little castor oil as a skin moisturizer and hair serum.

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